Melbourne City Tours

Explore the city of Melbourne to find the hidden gems!!!

Melbourne is the most vibrant city and attracts tourists from around the globe. The majestic mountain range, broad valleys, and the stunning wineries add to the beauty of the region. You need to explore the city to experience the serene beauty of Melbourne.

While you have a choice to choose from a wide range of transportation facilities offered by the city for tourists and local residents alike, it is recommended to book a taxi service in Melbourne. This will make it easy to explore the region without rushing into things.

At OZCabs, we have got a car for everyone. Where you are traveling solo, with your loved ones or with a group of 10 people, we can provide a car to suit your needs. From a normal cab to a luxury limo or an SUV, we have it all in our fleet.

Over the years, we have emerged as one of the best Melbourne tours cab service providers because of unsurpassed reliability and efficiency.

Experience a Tailored Wine Tour

Victoria is known around the world for its superior wines and extraordinary winery tours. There are 22 different winery regions in Victoria which include over 500 wineries.

Enjoy a private Yarra Valley winery tour with us. OZCabs will take you on a winery tour amidst the picturesque landscapes and spectacular scenery to create a memorable experience.

Great Ocean Road Tour

Want to enjoy a drive along the most scenic coastal region? The Great Ocean Road Tour takes you to iconic surf beaches, let you enjoy the wildlife and the rainforests. Most tours are one day, however, if you want, you can even choose a two or a three-day tour as well.

As with any other Melbourne tour, you can easily pick a vehicle of your choice to enjoy the beauty of the region. From sedans to minibuses, we cater to a group of all sizes.